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    If I do not use the SMTP set up the test email goes through but unfortunately we never receive the test emails (even checked in spam)

    When I attempted to set up an SMTP – I tried a gmail account as well as a regular pop email account through Unfortunately we can’t get that to work. How do we go about fixing it? I have tried every port and every setting.

    An error occured:
    SMTP connect() failed.
    PHPMailer Version: 5.2.14
    CharSet: UTF-8
    ContentType: text/plain
    Encoding: 8bit
    FromName: AaSys Group
    Mailer: smtp
    Port: 25
    SMTPSecure: tls
    SMTPAuth: 1
    Timeout: 300

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    Milan Petrovic

    To work with the TLS/SSL servers, your server needs to have OpenSSL library installed for PHP there is a warning about that on the plugin settings page. What does it say about it?

    Also, this message says that problem is with SMTP mailer, you should contact your hosting support to see what can be wrong, they are able to access logs related to SMTP relayer. In some cases, server is misconfigured to handle SMTP traffic, and if you attempt to use it on Localhost (WAMP or MAMP or similar), they are usually without the SMTP capabilities.

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