API services problem.

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    I bought the Smart Posts Tagger and that’s what I was looking for.
    Unfortunately, not all API services work.
    IBM Bluemix Alchemy API

    I signed up for the IBM Bluemix Alchemy API, but I’m not looking. Does anyone have a guide?

    Dandelion API
    The Dandelion API works.

    OpenCalais API
    Registered with OpenCalais API and built in the API token. Unfortunately always get No tags found.

    Zemanta API
    Because there is no more.

    My farge. Can you help me?

    Many Thanks

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    Milan Petrovic

    Alchemy API has been changing signup/key setup every few months, I am not sure right now what exact process for signup is any more. OpenCalais requires long text to get contextual tags. Dandelion is currently best API.



    Hello and thank you for your reply. I tried to get it but can not get it.
    Do you have a little guide how to do that mit BM Bluemix Alchemy API?
    Thank you very much


    Milan Petrovic

    When I last used it, it was very different, so I am not sure anymore. I will try to investigate and let you know.

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